Freedom Eyecare Nottingham Limited


The eye test journey

Optician testing eyes at home Nottinghamshire. Portable equipment

Step 1: Call us for an appointment

Give us a call on 0115 786 6320 and speak to one of our friendly opticians, Ann or Stephanie who will be able to book you in for a home eye test at a time that suits you. You can set up a password if you want to so you know it is definitely the right person arriving.

If there is no answer it means they are probably on the road or testing someones eyes. If you leave your name and number they will call back as soon as they can.

Step 2: On the day

It's eye test day! If you have any eye drops then take these as normal. Your optician will need to know what medication you take to it's useful to have a list handy if you can. We will normally do your eye test in a lounge or dining room, somewhere where we can draw the curtains to make it darker if we need to. We will set up an electronic testing chart and bring all of the equipment needed to do a thorough eye test. All of our equipment is lightweight and portable, including the machine to measure the pressure in your eyes. We will measure your prescription and check the health of your eyes for signs of cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure and macula degeneration amongst other things.

Step 3: The results

Ann or Stephanie will go through the results of your eye test with you, the health of your eyes as well as whether or not your prescription has changed. If your prescription is stable then no change of glasses is needed unless you want a new frame. If your prescription has changed we will be able to show you exactly what the vision will be like in new spectacles compared to your old ones so you can decide if you'd like to update them or not. 

Step 4: Choosing glasses

You can choose new glasses as soon as we have done your eye test. We carry a wide range of frames to choose from starting from £49 for complete frame and lenses with an anti scratch coating. These are free if you are entitled to an NHS voucher with just £10 to pay for the anti scratch coating. We can make bifocals, varifocals, sunglasses, glasses that change in the sun, antiglare, anything you can get from a high street opticians we can order for you. You can choose to pay for your glasses when you order them or when they are delivered. 

Step 5: Extras

Once the eye test is is finished, Ann or Stephanie will advise you if you need any extra help from magnifying glasse.  This is a free assessment. Then you can decide to either be referred on for free magnifying glasses or purchase from us. We also carry a range of hearing devices which are free to try out and can be purchased also.

Step 6: Delivery, fitting and lifetime aftercare

Your new glasses will be delivered and fitted by the optician who tested your eyes using the proper equipment to adjust and alter them to perfectly fit your face. A case and a cleaning cloth are included and you can purchase cleaning spray for just £2. If your glasses come loose or a screw falls out, you can call us for a repair even if it's years later! We are just a phone call away if you have any problems with your eyes or glasses.